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A dark age supplement for The Barons' War.

Rules, scenarios, and profiles for fighting early medieval battles with Vikings, Saxons & Normans.


Retinue Builder

Create your own retinue using our Retinue Builder.

Peter des Roches, Bishop of Winchester

Peter Des Roches was a native of the Touraine in north-central France, Poitevin diplomat, soldier, and administrator who enjoyed a brilliant but checkered career, largely in England in the service of kings John and Henry III as a bishop and as regent (for the young Henry III).

Why do equipment profiles differ?

At the core of the army lists, we have a human profile. This profile comes in four varieties relating to levels of experience, Green, Irregular, Regular and Veteran. This is the same no matter which warrior profile we are looking at, as humans are humans. Without gear and training, a knight is, when we get down to it in-game terms, no different to a peasant.

Optional Rules and Ideas

The Barons' War, so far, seems to have been well received and we are already receiving feedback from members of the community who have read the rules and have offered further suggestions and ideas. I have to admit I like feedback as it makes me feel that engagement has started and players are wanting to invest, it also shifts the dynamic from being just 'my rules' to 'our rules'.

The Road to Hastings - Normans, The Third of Three Early Middle Ages Forces

On the 28th of September, they came. England would never be the same again. With William’s claim to the English crown, he sailed across the channel on a do or die campaign to take what he believes is rightfully his.

The Road to Hastings - Vikings, The Second of Three Early Middle Ages Forces

Fearsome raiders or peaceful settlers, the Vikings have captured our imagination for generatrions. The countless tales and sagas of their deeds are captivating and now you can create great sagas of your own using The Barons’ War game.

The Road to Hastings - Late Saxons, The First of Three Early Middle Ages Forces

The dispute for the throne of England following the death of Edward the Confessor in 1066 is the perfect storm for us to introduce three new army lists in to the Barons’ War ruleset.

The Barons' War: The Dark Ages?

Currently, we are in the process of putting the finishing touches to the Viking, Late Saxon and Norman force lists to be used with The Barons’ War rules. I’d had the idea to include them in the printed rulebook before it doubled in size from the initial 60-something pages into the 138 pages it finished at, yes I am counting the index.

Creating a group for The Barons' War

In The Barons’ War game we have only two restrictions when making groups. Firstly, a minimum group size. A group must contain at least three members, unless it is a mounted group which must contain at least two members. Secondly each member of your group should be armed and equipped in the same way.

Mustering Your Retinue for War

When creating the Retinue List for The Baron’s War the key concept was choice. We wanted to offer you, the player, the ability to create really unique and special groups that would drive the narrative of any given game, or even from game to game.