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The Barons' War Downloads

All the downloads here are free and have been included as useful additions for your games of The Barons' War. From time to time they may be updated so please take a note of which is the current version and the date it has been available. Please let us know if there is something missing that we should add.

Melee Combat

A walkthrough of how melee combat works in The Barons' War game.

Sheriff of Nottingham (500pt retinue)

Retinue made by Jamie Gibbons.

Quick Reference Sheet

Find all the information you need at-a-glance while playing a game.

Conquest: Action Tokens

Action tokens for Conquest. For personal use only.

Monks Retinue (500pt retinue)

Retinue made by Maxime Dupis

Barons' War: Action Tokens

Action tokens for The Barons' War. For personal use only.

The Chosen Men (500pt retinue)

Retinue made by Shaun Daly.

Campaign Record

Print out and keep a long running record of your campaigns over the seasons.

Campaign Roster

Keep track of your Commanders during a campaign with out printable roster

Campaign Map

Pre-configured maps available for both 3 and 4 players.

Campaign Tiles

Download river, road, or campaign tiles to use to build your campaign maps.

Ranged Attacks

Learn all about ranged attacks in The Barons' War

Army Roster

Keep track of your retinue with our printable empty army roster.

FAQ and Errata

The official FAQ and Errata, please download and read. If you believe we have missed something you think should have been included get in touch, we will review it for the next revision.

Beginners Retinue (500pt retinue)

Retinue made by Phillip Druviņš.

The Marshal (500pt retinue)

Retinue made by Shane Lindley.